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As a breast cancer patient I want to have a "translator" so that I can understand the medical terms.


As a breast cancer patient I find medical jargon very confusing and hard to understand. I want a "translator"  to help me understand the medical terms.  This will help me understand doctor notes as well as information available in medical literature and the internet. An app or a browser plug in that I can use on the fly as I read information would be very useful. The translation should focus on one disease - breast cancer and its related comorbidities, tests and therapies

Thematic Area

1-Awareness and literacy

Patient Champion

Champion L.A. (3)

Team Composition would benefit from

ML expert; neuro-linguistic programming expert; breast cancer expert (specific patient case); mobile / web app developers;

References/Resources manual

Wish list / call for resources

breast cancer terminology glossaries:medical, diagnostics, pharmacology, radiotherapy, (epi)genetics, psychology, insurance, reimbursement, "scrape" the manualML toolkit / open source

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1. Awareness and literacy

Patients think that the general public should be more aware of the risk of acquiring specific diseases (especially cancer). The need to do regular check-ups and screenings, and the benefits of both, should be made known and pushed (e.g. PSA or Pap test screening). In addition, awareness of reference/normal values, and the meaning of these, should be communicated to physicians and patients to align knowledge and medical literacy among the patient, caregiver and HCP communities.

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