Connect a patient to the pateint community via the healthsystem on the day they are diagnosed with a rare disease

Project goal: Envisions a Patient Network App for rare diseases. The objective is to obtain access on DayOne of diagnosis. Enabling provision of curated access and introduction into the available patient support network, with tiered levels of needs based info.

08.11.2020 12:00

Hackathon finished

08.11.2020 11:28 ~ saurabh_tak

Worked on documentation

08.11.2020 11:17 ~ j-p_corry

Activities across many platforms, small teams/comms restrictions. Slack/MS Teams/WhatsApp. Team is global, coverage across many time zones.

08.11.2020 11:16 ~ saurabh_tak

Worked on documentation

08.11.2020 10:56 ~ saurabh_tak

Worked on documentation

08.11.2020 06:31 ~ saurabh_tak

Product development done - It works amazingly well!

08.11.2020 06:30 ~ saurabh_tak

Product development finished - It works amazing well - completely scalable!

07.11.2020 20:14

Team forming

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Worked on documentation

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Worked on documentation

30.10.2020 13:02 ~ StevenBourke

Getting the tech experts onboard

30.10.2020 13:01 ~ StevenBourke

Worked on documentation

30.10.2020 13:00

Project started

Initialized by StevenBourke 🎉

23.10.2020 09:00

Hackathon started

Shock Absorber-Connect

As a just diagnosed LP(a) patient, I want to be connected to a patient network so that I can exchange with likewise diagnosed patients.

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