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As a chronic patient I want to see a mechanism to score the quality of the apps/ information sources by patient groups/patients to help me easily identify trusted and reliable sources of  information sources/apps. This can become a "trusted by patients seal" . This is a method hack (non - technical)


A lot of digital health tools and information sources for patients like me are available but it's difficult to get to know which tools / information sources to trust and identify the tools that fits my needs and lifestyle. Furthermore, care teams are often not up to date on these tools and are not actively using it with their patients.The challenge is to come up with a mechanism to score the quality of the apps/ information sources available,This should be as trusted as possible, as the consumer apps ranking methods falls short of health-related apps and there are multiple and confusing/contradicting sources of information. For this challenge we focus on  Type II diabetes.

Thematic Area

2-Data Interoperability

Patient Champion

Champion E.E. (12)

Team Composition would benefit from

Type II diabetes expert; quality methodology specialist; digital tool assessment expertise


Wish list / call for resources

- website in UK with a ranking and scoring mechanism exists - Orcha - a list of apps available in the space from stakeholders- list of Type II diabetes websites

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2. Data interoperability

Patients struggle with the fact that HCPs are not usually updated on their situation, which means they need to explain their story over and over. Data and documents are not shared quickly enough between HCPs, and often patients lose track of their medical reports. Patients would like to have a safe space where they and their doctors can access their data. A common data channel would also help address the current lack of interprofessional collaboration and communication. Furthermore, patients would have the ability to provide supporting documents (reports, prescriptions) in urgent situations.

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