MyJOURNEY platform

Enhancing the patient experience by facilitating patient-clinician interactions across multiple channels

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The Challenge

Patients require further assistance in areas including a better understanding of their unique journey process, treatment options, access to their clinical teams when necessary.

Other challenges they currently face include a disjointed experience along their treatment journey, a health system not optimised to prioritise their needs, to migrate from static touch points to more dynamic interactions and a lack of awareness of services available to help them along their journey (amongst others).!Am0t31dcb12fbx1m0aqdxq9Pn0Y

08.11.2020 12:00

Hackathon finished

08.11.2020 10:30 ~ haris_kapagioridis

Worked on documentation

08.11.2020 10:05 ~ haris_kapagioridis

Initial phase of prototype is available through source code. Next stage - create a functional prototype and run on a device

08.11.2020 09:54 ~ haris_kapagioridis

Prototype has been developed and shared with patients visually. Iterated further based on feedback

08.11.2020 09:53 ~ haris_kapagioridis

Developed blueprint of platform solution, produced storyboard of wireframe outputs

08.11.2020 09:52 ~ haris_kapagioridis

Iterated thought patient journey steps, created prototype, shared with both patients

08.11.2020 09:51 ~ haris_kapagioridis

Understood submission criteria, agreed to present solution as digital companion addressing various challenges along patient journey.

08.11.2020 09:43 ~ adaeze_nwobodo

Worked on documentation

06.11.2020 09:48

Team forming

larisa_aragon has joined!

05.11.2020 21:46 ~ adaeze_nwobodo

Worked on documentation

02.11.2020 07:47

Team forming

amy_wilson has joined!

26.10.2020 20:07

Team forming

adaeze_nwobodo has joined!

26.10.2020 20:07

Team forming

haris_kapagioridis has joined!

26.10.2020 11:15

Project started

Initialized by adaeze_nwobodo 🎉

23.10.2020 09:00

Hackathon started

My Journey

As a breast cancer patient I want to know what to expect next on my journey so that I can prepare myself for the next step.

Challenge Details

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