WhachaCallit Med

Making medical information more accessible and understandable to patients

WhachaCallit Med

Making medical information more accessible and understandable to patients.

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“I truly believe that patients have the power to influence the future of health care - The moment that patients really understand their important and vital role in this healthcare transformation, they become the leading force.” Larisa A., Patient Champion Health Hack 2020

The Challenge

Patients often struggle with specialized terminology and the sheer amount of information available on their health conditions – e.g. medical reports, research papers, studies, treatment brochures ...

Key challenges patients commonly encounter:

  • Text is complicated and too long
  • Special terminology is not understandable
  • The text is not easily accessible (readability, unknown language, small fonts, too narrow etc.)
  • Source and credibility of information is unknown

Our Vision

A solution to help patients navigate through the often complex and confusing world of medical information. Help patients to be empowered to manage their disease and make informed decisions with their care teams.

On top, caregivers, family and friends supporting their loved ones on their journey have a tool at hand that they can use or recommend as a trusted source



Here's a short demo video to see it in action:

Technical Solution

A short talk on the technical solution and what works already today, and what we intend to do in the future:

Solution Architecture Overview


We use a combination of Open-Source and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services for this.

Try it yourself

Please go to ( to see our demo application. You can even try it with your own (medical) PDF documents.

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26.11.2020 08:46 ~ catherine_spivey

Worked on documentation

08.11.2020 12:00

Hackathon finished

07.11.2020 10:35 ~ catherine_spivey

m and s working on pitch elements

07.11.2020 10:33 ~ catherine_spivey

assembling pitch elements

07.11.2020 10:31 ~ catherine_spivey

Worked on documentation

07.11.2020 08:16 ~ flgeorg

Internally working demo / prototype, working on making it publicly available

07.11.2020 08:13 ~ flgeorg

Worked on documentation

05.11.2020 14:49 ~ catherine_spivey

Larisa watched Florian's demo and gave feedback :)

05.11.2020 14:32 ~ catherine_spivey

feedback call with Egle

05.11.2020 14:31 ~ catherine_spivey

first demo up

05.11.2020 11:22 ~ catherine_spivey

Worked on documentation

05.11.2020 11:14 ~ catherine_spivey

shaping pitch

05.11.2020 11:13 ~ catherine_spivey

Focus: web app which meaningfully summarizes long reports filled with jargon and uses other tools to find laymen’s terms.

04.11.2020 17:19 ~ catherine_spivey

focus call on demo options

03.11.2020 11:15 ~ catherine_spivey

revised prototype functionality and flow

03.11.2020 07:50 ~ catherine_spivey

logo prototype

03.11.2020 07:49 ~ catherine_spivey

Worked on documentation

02.11.2020 19:55 ~ catherine_spivey

Meeting held for feedback from patient champion

02.11.2020 19:54 ~ catherine_spivey

Worked on documentation

01.11.2020 18:11

Team forming

Egle_Thomas has joined!

31.10.2020 14:29

Team forming

larisa_aragon has joined!

31.10.2020 13:48 ~ catherine_spivey

focus on medical report analysis, summary and keywords and the most understandable way to present to the patient

31.10.2020 12:19 ~ giovanni_nisato

Worked on documentation

30.10.2020 16:32

Team forming

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25.10.2020 12:43

Project started

Initialized by catherine_spivey 🎉

23.10.2020 09:00

Hackathon started

Med Jargon Buster

As a breast cancer patient I want to have a "translator" so that I can understand the medical terms.

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