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As a patient I want to digitize my health records which are shared / transmitted via Fax so that I can easier access and without burdening doctor/hospital/praxis staff.


Fax, Letter and EMail are still used to exchange my health data in my country. At the same time, my country is aiming to digitize health care records. The challenge is to find a way to transmit (a carbon copy) to a secure digitization service subscribed by the patient . We create a secure copy in digital format (e.g. PDF) of the information being transmitted without changing the workflow, even if it involves antiquated tech (e.g. fax). This way my country can seamlessly and progressively digitize records.

Thematic Area

2-Data Interoperability

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tech ; fax and other transmission protocols;

Wish list / call for resources

Various realistic data sets ; doctors notes : fax data streams (?)Fax machine emulatorFax app access (MS, Google)Videos explaining what a fax is

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2. Data interoperability

Patients struggle with the fact that HCPs are not usually updated on their situation, which means they need to explain their story over and over. Data and documents are not shared quickly enough between HCPs, and often patients lose track of their medical reports. Patients would like to have a safe space where they and their doctors can access their data. A common data channel would also help address the current lack of interprofessional collaboration and communication. Furthermore, patients would have the ability to provide supporting documents (reports, prescriptions) in urgent situations.

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