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As a type 2 diabetes patient, I want to share personal information, so that I can get proactive support when needed.


As a person with type 2 diabetes my everyday exercise, diet, and other lifestyle factors have an impact on my condition. It is important to stick to a  daily regime, but I may fall behind.  When it is time to take corrective actions it is usually already late and difficult to do so.A system that would enable a trusted coach to support me remotely, by following my self-reported status (how I feel) and my activity (how much I move, exercise) from wearables and other factors would help. I do not want to spend hours to enter data about which foods I ate, so an automatic scanner system would be great, for example to identify which type of food I ingested (and how much). This would ideally involve confidential and trusted information exchange, and the ability of the coach to proactively intervene to support me before I have to take more drastic measures. This could be done via a secure connected  app, dashboard website. The coach would ideally follow and support different patients like myself.  

Thematic Area

2-Data Interoperability

Patient Champion

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Team Composition would benefit from

Web/Mobile App developer, chat developer, UX Expert, Patient interaction / advice experience for diabetes type 2 patients. Video. Psychology of motivation / behavior change support / human interaction designer.



Wish list / call for resources

simulated data streams from wearables (sleep, heart rate, activity monitoring).Simulated data on nutrition.Daily journal type entries, including non physiological, emotional level reportingaccess to type 2 diabetes disease, coach expert.Check also:

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2. Data interoperability

Patients struggle with the fact that HCPs are not usually updated on their situation, which means they need to explain their story over and over. Data and documents are not shared quickly enough between HCPs, and often patients lose track of their medical reports. Patients would like to have a safe space where they and their doctors can access their data. A common data channel would also help address the current lack of interprofessional collaboration and communication. Furthermore, patients would have the ability to provide supporting documents (reports, prescriptions) in urgent situations.

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