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You can find the project pages here.

Each innovation journey starts with a first step: your projects are the first step.

The ideal outcome of each project is a solution for a given patient challenge. In practice, this could be a proof of concept app, a website, a wireframe, …

Please refer to the principles of the hackathon: relevant and scalable projects will seed innovations that can solve real problems for patients.

The solution you have worked out has to be presented in a 2-3 min presentation, either as a “live” pitch on Nov 8th or as a pre-recorded video. Team members that are part of a project presenting a “pitch” will be recognized as “finishers” of the DayOne Health Hack 2020.

Watch this video to see how you navigate the platform, and set up your project page on .

Below are the components that you could use to build your project page. These are just suggestions, you can pick and choose or do it completely differently. However, please be mindful of the submission criteria for award eligibility.

Key minimal content of the Project Page:

To be eligible for the awards, and for the team members to be declared  “finishers”,  the following must be on the project page. (it helps a lot if you position these at the top :)

  • Patient challenge addressed
  • Names of active project team members
  • Present a 2-3 min pitch during the closing (Nov 8th afternoon
  • OR upload a 2-3 min video (by 12 00 noon) on your project page

Suggestions content for the Project Page:

  • The challenge: From our perspective, what was the main problem that we set out to solve?
  • Patient champion interaction and other stakeholders: how did we interact to design a solution that meets the needs of the stakeholders?

  • Description of the solution: What is the approach? What does it do? How does it work? Which resources does it require?
  • What are the benefits? And who benefits from our solution?

  • Our Milestones, achievements and prototype
  • Challenges we encountered
  • Resources that we used
  • Contact / promotion channels on our social media

  • Our takeaways and learnings
  • What´s next: how we would like to proceed and what we need to do so

Pitches: timing

The solution you have worked out with your team has to be presented in a 3 min presentation, during the Zoom call on Nov 8th afternoon (see agenda ). All times are CET / Swiss Time.

We will call one representative of each team, in the order of creation of the project, to “pitch” their solution.

Make sure you are there on time!

This can be a 3 minutes “live-pitch” presentation on sunday, or it can be shared as a short video (NB: only the first 3 min will be shown). The videos should be shared with the organizers by Sunday 12 00 (noon) via a link on their respective  Project Page.

After each pitch there will be a “live vote” ( for the “Participants” category.

Make sure you are there on time!

Pitches suggested contents

Whether “live’ or recorded, here are some recommendation  of what it would really help to have included in your pitch :

  • Name of the project.
  • Which patient challenge did you address / Who is the Champion ?
  • Your solution: what is it, what does it do (how does it work), what benefit does it bring ? (E.g. to patients, stakeholders)
  • What would the next step be?
  • Who are the members of your hackathon team ( Name + Thanks :)

Keeping it simple is hard, but it’s worth it :)

Clarity helps make you memorable: speak calmly, clearly, with intention.

Note:  if you want to share the video on Twitter, keep in mind the limit there is 2’20”.

Juries and Criteria of Evaluation


Voting will take place Nov. 8th afternoon in conjunction with the pitches.

We will use an online voting system for this.

More details will be communicated via Slack.


There will be 3 prize categories and juries at the hackathon.

The respective juries will be composed of :

  • 1-- The patient champions

  • 2-- The organisers + sponsors representatives (see here the list)

  • 3 -- The participants

Criteria for the evaluation

  • Criteria for the Patient Champions prize category:

  • Does the hack help solve a real patient challenge?
  • Does it potentially help one or more patient communities / disease areas?
  • Usability: is the effort to use the hack worth the expected benefit for you?
  • Which hack are you the most enthusiastic about (open criterion)?

  • Criteria for the Organisers / sponsors prize category:

  • Would you consider developing the hack further? (e.g. in open source, start-up, corporate innovation)
  • Is the hack scalable ?
  • Can you imagine a business with the hack?
  • Which hack are you the most enthusiastic about (open criterion)?

  • Criteria for the Participants prize category:

  • Is the hack fun, creative?
  • Is the hack using multiple skills?
  • Is it a technically challenging, cool, cutting edge hack?
  • Which hack are you the most enthusiastic about (open criterion)? 


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