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As a chronic patient I want a mechanism to easily filter the various apps/ information sources via  a trusted by patients seal  This will allow me to easily find and loop up trusted information.


There is a lot of unverified and biased information available and new information is being created continuously. It is hard to know what to trust/rely on. The idea is to create a system to identify reliable sources of information using a technical service (like hashing / blockchain) that could be used to provide a seal or certificate of approval. This could be used  by patient groups to stamp their approval on various sources of information. With this when I look up information, I know the information can be trusted if I see this seal of approval by a patient group. A browser extension could be created to filter for such trusted content.This hack is related / could be an extension of the "Trusted By Patients - Method" - which is to create a methodology on how to review and trust rank information sources/digital apps

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3-Sharing with Patient Community

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Web/Mobile App developer, bot/chat developer, UX Expert, Patient interaction design,  Social media dev. Certification/security (block chain?)

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3. Sharing within patient communities

This topic is all about information and support. After an important meeting with the doctor, patients are frequently left with a diagnosis while being unable to remember anything else. What follows is a moment of shock and a feeling of loneliness and frustration. Uncertain where to look for information and support, they often find themselves on the internet with contradictory information or unreliable sources. In sum, patients would like to have an easily discoverable and accessible platform, where they can: •Find more experienced patients with the same diagnosis, •Find reliable and trustworthy information written in understandable language, •Tell stories, share feelings and receive support in decision making processes and everyday issues.

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