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As a chronic patient, I want to be able to collect all my different records in one place so that I can pull them out immediately if needed.


As a chronic patient with still ongoing treatment and diagnosis I  face several problems and stress due to multiple health documents being stored at different specialists' locations. I need to undergo unnecessary and repeated tests because data is not available in due time. Physicians have little time, so they should not waste it to locate important documents. More importantly,  physicians end up missing my full picture to understand my patient situation which causes delays in care decisions and treatment, and further unnecessary pain. Challenge: create just one simple place to store my records in a time-series of significant events. The app (mobile + web) should allow for as simple but as comprehensive as possible searches along the timeline of my patient journey. The system should allow for as many data types and formats as possible (e.g. from written notes to medical transcripts).

Thematic Area

2-Data Interoperability

Patient Champion

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Web/Mobile App developer, UX/UI expert, DB specialist,

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 ask stakeholder for sample datatime series patient records,

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2. Data interoperability

Patients struggle with the fact that HCPs are not usually updated on their situation, which means they need to explain their story over and over. Data and documents are not shared quickly enough between HCPs, and often patients lose track of their medical reports. Patients would like to have a safe space where they and their doctors can access their data. A common data channel would also help address the current lack of interprofessional collaboration and communication. Furthermore, patients would have the ability to provide supporting documents (reports, prescriptions) in urgent situations.

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